Experienced Guidance In Paternity Actions

Families get started in all sorts of different ways. When a child is born to a married couple, the identity of the child's father is assumed. But, when parents are unmarried, paternity has to be verified through legal documentation.

White & White, Attorneys at Law, guides families in Sevier County, Blount County and Knox County, Tennessee, through the process of establishing paternity. Whether you can resolve the matter through voluntary actions or things need to be taken to court, this firm will fiercely represent your interests and those of your child.

How Establishing Paternity Can Help Your Child

Proving paternity legally recognizes the identity of a child's father, which is often important for:

  • Child support
  • Adoption
  • Custody

By establishing paternity, you can ensure your child can have the parental support they need — as well as grant parental rights to their father, if desired.

Methods Of Proving Paternity

There are essentially two ways of establishing paternity: voluntarily or by legal action. A common voluntary method for unmarried parents is to sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity when their child is born. Parents file this document with the state courts and the father's name is also included on the birth certificate.

If parents get married later, after their child is born, they can also establish paternity by signing a legitimation form. This grants the father the same parental rights he would have had if they were married at the time their child was born.

If the child's father does not voluntarily assume paternity rights, the mother can file a paternity action. The man she believes to be the child's father must come to court, and if he denies paternity the court can require a DNA test.

Advice From A Family-Run Firm

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