When Can A Grandparent Seek Visitation Rights?

Tennessee is one of the few states where grandparents have legal rights to visitation in some circumstances. While the laws concerning grandparents' rights are complicated, an experienced attorney from our law firm can help you understand the laws and protect your rights.

If you are a grandmother or grandfather and would like to explore your options for obtaining visitation rights, contact our attorneys from White & White, Attorneys at Law.

Understanding Grandparent Rights In Tennessee

Our visitation lawyers have a deep understanding of the law that is relevant to your situation. If you are seeking visitation rights, our family law attorneys can analyze your situation and determine your legal options. Under Tennessee law, a grandparent can petition the family court for visitation rights if any of the following situations exist:

  • The father or mother of the child is deceased
  • The child lived with the grandparent for 12 months or longer and was removed from the home by the father, mother or both
  • The grandparents and the child had a significant existing relationship for 12 months or longer, and along with other considerations, the severing of the relationship is not in the best interests of the child
  • The child had a significant existing relationship with the Grandparent and the loss of the relationship presents a danger of other, direct, and substantial harm to the child

There are many types of scenarios where the above situations apply. For example, if your grandchild lived with you for longer than a year, and if you have a strong, healthy relationship with the grandchild, you may petition the family court for visitation.

Each grandparent and his or her needs will differ slightly from the next. Our law firm looks at the specific issues of your family and proceeds toward the best possible outcome, protecting your rights and the best interests of your grandchild.

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