Protecting Your Family And Wealth During Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy. Some people contact a divorce lawyer after being cut off from their spouse, money and children. They are in a panic and know they need legal help immediately. Other people reach out to Sevierville divorce and domestic disputes attorneys long before the divorce process has started. They want counsel regarding every step of the process and the most effective ways to communicate with their spouse throughout the divorce.

Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, it is important to contact an attorney who can give you the representation you need. White & White, Attorneys at Law, offers clients throughout Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County and surrounding counties the legal support they need throughout the process. Whether you are wondering how to divide your family business or need help creating an effective parenting plan, the firm can help.

Practicing together since 2003, the firm has assisted individuals from all walks of life, including other attorneys. Attorney Brandon White has handled approximately 1,000 cases in the domestic area, and the whole firm has handled many more.

Dividing the Family Business

During a divorce, all marital property must be divided between the two parties. When people think about asset division, they usually think about splitting the house, car and retirement accounts. However, if you own a business, that may need to be divided as well. The firm works with doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers and other professionals whose business needs to be valuated and divided during the asset division.

Local Attorneys here To Help

One of the main concerns people have during a divorce is their children. Attorneys Brandon White and Felisha White answer questions regarding:

  • How will my visitation rights be determined?
  • Who will be the primary caregiver?
  • Who will have custody of the kids?
  • How much child support will I pay or receive?

The firm is committed to helping parents receive positive outcomes. If a favorable solution can be reached in negotiation, that is usually the first option. However, when it is necessary, the firm aggressively litigates cases.

Domestic Disputes

If you or your children are in immediate danger due to domestic violence, call the police. Our law firm recognizes that domestic violence issues can be present in some of the families we represent as domestic violence is one of the reasons why people get divorced. Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining an order of protection, which orders the abuser to stop bothering you. The order may require that the individual move out of your shared residence, grant you temporary custody of the children and require that the other party pay you support. An order of protection only applies to you - not your children. If your children are in danger, we can help you file the appropriate petition in juvenile court.

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