Representing East Tennessee In A Wide Range Of Family Law Matters

Divorce and other family law matters can be some of the most emotional legal matters to resolve. For many people, family is the most important part of their lives, and problems that tear their family apart are devastating.

Whether you have been arguing with your spouse about how you will divide your property or are trying to create a parenting plan on which you both agree, it is important to work with a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and options.

A Family-Run Firm Helping Other Families Resolve Domestic Matters

The Sevierville family law attorneys at White & White, Attorneys at Law, prioritize the things that matter most to families. As a family-based firm, attorneys Brandon, Felisha and Sue White are committed to helping clients effectively work through family matters.

Whether you are in Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County or surrounding counties, the firm can help you find a solution.

They often assist with the following family law matters:

  • Divorce and asset division: When couples divorce, many are concerned about protecting their wealth. The attorneys at White & White, Attorneys at Law, work to resolve important divorce matters relating to the division of marital property, involving real estate, cars, and bank accounts, and high-net estates.
  • Asset division involving a family business: Oftentimes a couple owns a family-run business. When they decide to divorce, many have concerns about the fate of the business. The attorneys at White & White, Attorneys at Law, have extensive experience working with business owners and other professionals. They can help determine what portion of the business each party will receive.
  • Child custody and support: Along with wealth, the fate of the children in a marriage is often a top concern among many divorcing parents. The attorneys at White & White, Attorneys at Law, have helped many parties create custody, visitation and child support plans that protect their parental rights and children's best interests. Whether through mediation or litigation, the firm can help find a solution.
  • Grandparents' rights: Grandparents often play a large part in a child's life. The attorneys at White & White, Attorneys at Law, often guide and assist grandparents with matters pertaining to the visitation or custody of their grandchildren.
  • Modifications to original family law court orders: In many instances, lives change and modifications to a family law court order become necessary. White & White, Attorneys at Law, has helped parties petition the court for modifications to existing child support or other court order. It has also assisted parties with custody and visitation modification as a result of a relocation or move-away.

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