Working With Families To Protect Their Wealth And Loved Ones

Years ago, husbands and wives could make decisions for each other in the event of emergencies. If there were end of life health care decisions or if one person was unable to manage their finances, the other spouse could step in and assist. Now, if there are not estate planning documents in place, it can be challenging for a person to make important decisions in a time of crisis.

Whether you are a young parent who is concerned about who will take care of your kids or a senior who is concerned about the costs of a nursing home, an experienced wills and trusts attorney can help protect your family and wealth.

White & White, Attorneys at Law, works with families throughout Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County and surrounding counties in estate planning matters. The firm works closely with individuals to create an estate plan that takes their unique needs and concerns into consideration.

Attorneys Who Understand What You Are Going Through

Prior to becoming an attorney, attorney Sue White was a registered nurse working as a unit supervisor at a hospital. During that time, she worked in geriatrics and spent a good amount of time with elderly people, learning about their concerns and the impact legal documents had on their health care. This background, as well as her Master's in business, gives her valuable insight regarding the various concerns that might arise at the end of a person's life. She now works with individuals to help them prepare the estate planning documents they need, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Power of attorney for health care
  • Living wills

Start Planning Your Future Today

If you are worried about protecting yourself, your loved one and your assets if you are no longer able to take care of yourself, an estate plan can provide the protection and peace of mind you need. Discuss your concerns and legal options with an experienced lawyer by scheduling your free initial consultation online or by calling 865-622-7768.