Challenging A Will's Validity

The probate process involves wrapping up the final affairs of a decedent's estate plan. The estate plan may involve a will, trust and other estate planning directives. Any of these directives can be cause for a dispute between family members and/or heirs, particularly the decedent's final wishes as provided in the will.

A will's validity can be challenged for various reasons. If you need assistance bringing a will contest or defending a will contest, White & White, Attorneys at Law, can assist you. Contact our Sevierville will contest attorneys to arrange a free initial consultation.

Possible Reasons for Disputing the Validity of a Will

The events following a loved one's death can bring up many difficult emotions for family members. Additionally, family members do not always agree on the administration of a will, and many take the decedent's decisions personally. There are many reasons why an individual may want to bring a will contest, and some of the reasons may be a valid ground for contesting the will. In Tennessee, grounds for contesting a will include the following:

  • The will is not executed in accordance with Tennessee laws
  • The will is revoked by the testator
  • The testator lacked adequate mental capacity at the time the will was established
  • The testator was under undue influence
  • The will, or a portion of the will, was established fraudulently

Our lawyers are experienced in the probate process and have in-depth understanding of the familial disputes that can arise. Whether you are bringing a will contest or defending a will contest, our law firm can uncover the facts pertaining to the case, build a strong case and arrive at a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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