Helping Out-Of-State Family Members With Probate Administration

When an individual passes, his or her estate must go through probate, the process whereby a court finalizes the personal and financial matters of the deceased.

However, the executor of the deceased's estate or family members may not reside close by. They may live out of state; maybe across the country. Along with geographical challenges, family members may not understand the complex nature of the probate process and simply need assistance from a local representative.

If you live out of state and have a loved one who passed away in East Tennessee, White & White, Attorneys at Law, can help.

We Have Extensive Experience Guiding Family Members Through The Probate Process

The Sevierville lawyers at White & White are all family, working together as a team since 2003. They have extensive experience handling all matters relating to estate planning and probate administration. They often assist with important aspects of probate such as:

  • Identifying and distributing assets
  • Tallying debts
  • Notifying creditors
  • Filing taxes

Call Us When You Need Help Handling Estate Disputes

The attorneys also have experience handling estate disputes. In some cases, family members may question the validity of a will or have a dispute regarding beneficiaries or property division. There may also be situations of a breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the executor.

White & White has experienced handling all of these matters.

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