The Experienced, Aggressive Representation You Need For Serious Sex Crime Charges

A sex offense can have drastic consequences on a person's life. The stigma associated with such a conviction coupled with mandatory sex offender registration for life can affect every aspect of an individual's life—for many years.

When it comes to such offenses, emotions are tense. Police are often quick to make an arrest, and have even been known to skirt the law or follow improper procedures.

That's where White & White, Attorneys at Law, comes in. We have represented many individuals facing such crimes. We know the law and your constitutional rights.

Types Of Sex Offenses

Attorney Brandon White has extensive litigation experience, handling many types of cases in the criminal arena. He often defends individuals charged with sex crimes that include:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sexual battery / aggravated sexual battery
  • Exploitation of a minor
  • Statutory rape

Nonjudgmental Advice To Guide You Through The Process

Brandon offers a nonjudgmental approach. He will sit down with you, talk with you about the situation and find the best possible solution for your situation.

Brandon always provides a round-table type relaxing atmosphere where you never feel intimidated; a place where you can talk freely about what happened.

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