Defending Sevierville Against Domestic Violence Charges

In Tennessee, an assault charge and a domestic assault charge are essentially one and the same: An individual is charged with intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury, fear of imminent bodily injury, or physical contact perceived as offensive or provocative.

However, a domestic assault occurs between co-habitants, including domestic partners, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and roommates—and it typically carries much more stringent penalties.

Along with fines and potential jail time, individuals convicted of domestic assault could face loss of a professional license or firearm rights. Seeking the guidance of an experienced criminal defense team with knowledge handling domestic charges is vital.

Attorney Brandon White: Extensive Criminal Defense Experience To Help You

Founding attorney Brandon White at White & White, Attorneys at Law, possesses extensive criminal defense experience and has handled domestic violence and many other criminal defense cases for individuals in Sevierville and throughout East Tennessee.

He understands how situations often get out of hand and knows that the police are quick to judge and make arrests without knowing the real facts.

If you have been arrested for a charge relating to domestic violence, reach out to Brandon. He can talk with you about your situation and find out if the police followed proper protocol during your arrest and the next steps.

As a practicing lawyer since 2003, Brandon White has helped many individuals in your situation. He can help you.

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