Mitigating The Repercussions Of Your DUI

Every year, authorities and law enforcement agencies seem to crack down harder on those who get behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board encouraged states in 2013 to adopt its recommendations to lower the current .08 BAC limit to.05 BAC.

With stricter penalties associated with drunk driving offenses in today's age, the importance of seeking the assistance of a DUI lawyer—even for those facing a first-time charge—is vital to mitigating the negative impacts that stem from having a criminal record.

Why Choose Us To Handle Your DUI?

At White & White, Attorneys at Law, we can help. Attorney Brandon White of the firm has extensive criminal defense experience, having handled cases ranging from murder, rape down to traffic violations and DUI. He has handled many criminal cases in multiple counties some of which have been decided by the Tennessee Supreme Court and have helped to shape Tennessee criminal defense law.

He has litigated in various courts throughout Tennessee—including the Tennessee Supreme Court—and has even helped to establish criminal defense laws in the state.

Brandon utilizes his experience to mitigate fines, jail time, license suspension, requirements involving ignition interlock devices and other penalties associated with a drunk driving offense.

Handling DUI defense for individuals in Sevierville, throughout Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County and surrounding counties.

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Whether you are facing a first, second and subsequent DUI, reach out to Brandon at White & White, Attorneys at Law, to talk about your situation, the law and options available. You can also contact the firm online.

Along with DUI, the firm often represents individuals charged with BUI. Call today to learn more.