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Could parallel parenting help you cope with divorce?

What if you and your ex-spouse simply can't agree on how exactly to raise the children? If you find yourself in constant battles with your ex over things like bedtimes and bath toys, it makes co-parenting extremely difficult. It can also make for a very stressful and acrimonious post-divorce relationship with your ex.

Consider parallel parenting instead. Parallel parenting is a good substitute for co-parenting when you're in a high-conflict situation with your ex-spouse.

How to get ready for divorce mediation

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, you may have already found out that many experts are recommending mediation before litigation.

While mediation isn't exactly new, it's definitely less well-known than the traditional method of divorce, where opposing spouses square off with their attorneys at their sides and argue over every last piece of china and silver. Instead, mediation aims to help couples part ways as amicably as possible -- without the financial and emotional upset of a bitterly-fought divorce.

How can you minimize the amount of child support you pay?

Nobody wants to take money away from a child who needs it, but you also don't want to be stuck paying an unreasonable amount of support simply because you didn't understand the basics of Tennessee's rules on child support and went into negotiations without a plan.

What's the best strategy you can use when approaching child support negotiations?

Confidentiality in mediation and divorce

Divorce is hard, no matter what way you go about it. Mediation attempts to mitigate some of the difficulty by bringing together two basically reasonable adults and helping them work through their differences.

It only works, however, if everyone is willing to negotiate -- which means being honest and laying out all your cards on the table. You can't go into mediation keeping secrets about your financial holdings, debts or any other information as if you are entering a battlefield where you might need to keep some weapons on reserve.

Social media and your divorce – what you should know

You and your husband have decided to divorce. The first thing you may want to do is to announce it to the world and change your Facebook status. It may be tempting to post pictures and updates as you begin to explore your new single life. In addition, you might find it irresistible to avoid posting negative comments about your future ex. Before you start doing this, you should realize that social media can have an impact on your divorce.

If you are considering divorce, you should take steps to ensure that you do not find yourself in a weakened position when it is time to sit down at the negotiating table or stand before a judge. When it comes to social media postings both before and during the divorce process, discretion is the best course of action. An experienced divorce attorney in the Seymour area can advise you on how best to proceed.

Company concerns over an executive's divorce can affect business

When the owner, president, or chief executive officer (CEO) of a company goes through a divorce, it often seems like the whole company goes through the divorce at the same time.

If this is your situation, you may want to keep your divorce fairly private in order to minimize the impact it has on the company. There are some very good reasons to take this approach:

Lesbian couples sue Tennessee over definition of 'parent'

When a married heterosexual woman is pregnant, her husband is automatically presumed to be the other parent of her child under the law -- even if there's evidence to the contrary. Overcoming that presumption is actually no little task and the subject of many legal actions.

When a married lesbian is pregnant, her wife does not enjoy that same legal presumption -- which could have a profound effect on the wife's legal custody rights to the child in the future, should the couple divorce or the birth mother die.

Does your support obligation change during summer vacation?

What happens to your support obligation when your child ends up staying with you for the entire summer vacation?

If you're paying child support to your child's other parent because he or she normally has physical custody the majority of the time and you've generally only covered a couple weekends out of each month and special occasions, summer can be an unpleasant double whammy to your pocketbook.

Can mediation hurt my divorce case in any way?

Divorce is an adversarial process, and it isn't uncommon for people to feel especially distrustful of everything that happens. That can make it hard to consider mediation as an alternative, since mediation requires a certain amount of openness and trust to work.

If there are any big issues that have to be resolved, like spousal support, child support and custody, you may be afraid of making a serious mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Staying connected in Tennessee when you don't have custody

If you're not the residential parent -- the parent with primary physical custody in Tennessee -- you may be faced with a difficult problem.

How do you stay connected to your child when you don't live with him or her on a regular basis anymore?

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